Healthy Perspectives 

Innovative Mental Health Services, PLLC

Medical Services

Psychiatric Consultation

Here you will have a comprehensive psychiatric consultation with patient-centered treatment planning.  Patients are provided with tools to give them the best opportunity to understand their diagnosis and make educated decisions about their care that includes traditional as well as the most cutting edge evidence-based practices. 

Medication Management

One size does not fit all nor is it the same for treatment options. Healthy Perspectives practices in a collaborative approach with your external providers in order to supply you with the best treatment options to meet your specific needs.  We believe in a shared decision making model that keeps patients informed and in control of their healthcare goals and outcomes.  

Substance Abuse Services

Our substance abuse program works with individuals that are motivated to work towards their recovery goals.  Patients receive a comprehensive assessment and treatment planning.  Individuals may be appropriate for Suboxone treatment in which they would be entered into an induction and maintenance phase of treatment.

We believe that recovery involves a multidisciplinary approach.  We look forward to working with each individual, their natural supports, local LADC's and community support groups in order to maximize your potential for success.

Group Lifestyle Balance (GLB) Program 

Obesity is common among individuals with mental illness and contributes to an increase in cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.  At Healthy Perspectives, we are offering a weight loss/ diabetes prevention program called Group Lifestyle Balance (GLB).  GLB is a comprehensive lifestyle behavioral change program developed by the University of Pittsburgh.  The curriculum is adopted directly from the National Institute of Health Diabetes Prevention Program.  Open enrollment has begun for the next scheduled session starting in May.